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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Vegas the destination of every 21 year old's dream. This was my 3rd visit to Vegas after I turned 21 and it has always been a blast. It's not about the drinking, clubbing, or gambling that makes going to Vegas really fun (even though it definitely helps) but it's about the people and the atmosphere that Vegas creates. Therefore, if you ever have a chance you should always go there at least once after you turn 21.

I went with one of my good friends, John, and we stayed at his hotel called the M Resort. The M is a four star hotel with great food and the newest slot machines. However, a downside to this resort is that it is 10 minutes off the Vegas strip, so if you want to get into the Vegas mood and see bunch of people walking down the streets of Vegas with drinks flying around everywhere then you should think about different hotel.

How the M Resort looks like

On the first day, we drove in and we started off right away with the slot machines while we were waiting for our rooms to be ready. Then around 4 we went to the pool for a quick swim and let me tell you it was great because it was 102 degrees outside. After that we played some more slots and then it was the long awaited M resort buffet. This buffet has one of the greatest food ever and also the best beer.

This was my first plate: slice of pizza, mac & cheese, creamed corn and spinach, tortellini, cocktail shrimps, ribs, prime rib, and salad

Second plate: tri tip, mussels, creamed spinach and corn, cream of broccoli, and tacquitos

Desert: Fruit tart, Cream puff, Red Velvet Cupcake, and gelatto

Then afterward, I played some blackjack and then slept for the night. The next day, we just had some Jack in the Box and went to Serendipity. Now Serendipity has the best frozen hot chocolate ever located in front of Caesar's Palace. They also have a great food too, which I tried on my last trip to Vegas.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Then, we played some slots for a while and swam afterward too. Then again, we ate at the wonderful, oh so wonderful buffet. It was great.

The Swimming pool

Won a $100.21 with my last golden monkey :]

Overall, I didn't make any profit but it was great vacation. There are a lot more things to do in Vegas, such as shopping or catching a show (I personally recommend Love). It's just a fun place to be and I hope you can go sometime soon as well.

The view of Vegas from my room

"The worst thing that can happen to a man who gambles is to win."

- Charles H. Spurgeon

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