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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tofu's Hike

Today I write another adventure that Tofu and I had. I felt bad that Tofu was being kept in the apartment with almost no form of exercise except chasing his own tail or throwing around his dolls. Therefore, I decided to give him a little treat and take him out to a day in the dog park. Surprisingly, there are not many dog parks near my area and the nearest one I went to was not so good. So, on Sunday I found a park that was about 25 minutes away from my house called Runyon Canyon Park.

I went to this Runyon Canyon Park only to find that the parking here is impossible. There is no designated parking for the dog park or any park enthusiasts. After about a good 15 minutes of searching for parking, I had parked. Unfortunately, this guy couldn't wait and went poopy in my car and I shall not disclose the picture because it is just disturbing. So, after I parked and cleaned up his poop, we walked to the entrance of the park.

Now at this entrance, there was no sign that said, "Welcome to Runyon Canyon Dog Park." Instead, all I see is a dirt road going uphill. Therefore, Tofu and I hiked up this trail until I finally saw a sign that said, "Off-Leash Area," but there was no fence and it was just dirt with a trail leading again upward. I was so confused, but it said no dog leash and so I unleash Tofu wondering what is going on. After a few seconds, I realize that this isn't a dog park but it was a hike trail where dogs could be unleashed to follow their trainers. So, though I was wearing sandals and had no hiking material, Tofu and I decided to hike for about half an hour and come back. It was great opportunity for him to be unleashed and still follow me. We were still weary of other dogs as they are way bigger than he is. Yet, he enjoyed his freedom in the blazing sun and that made me happy as well.

The Entrance to Runyon Canyon Park

Uh oh... is this park safe?!

The OK for unleashing the Tofu

Tofu likes smelling anything... even rocks

The bigger dog

Tofu and the scenery... can you find Tofu?

P.S. Today, I was printing out a lot of documents when I happened to see Tofu freaking out over my printer spitting out pages.... I hope the video is in working condition

"Dogs are better than human beings because they know and do no tell."

- Emily Dickinson

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